No doubt, construction sites are high risk working environments. Health and safety in the construction industry is particularly important, because the industry is prone to high risk situations and can be dangerous at times but with proper management, the risk of an incident can be greatly reduced.

Formacon is committed to our responsibilities in respect of the Health & Safety of our employees and the environment which is why we were awarded the MBA North 5 Star award in 2019 on our Waterfall Corporate Park site.  Formacon believes that hard work, well trained staff and the safety of everyone on the construction site is paramount to success. Formacon’s success in this area can be attributed to the following:

  • Ensuring a hazard- and risk-free working environment for all employees
  • Effective application of risk assessments, good industry practice and safety standards
  • Implementing of safety procedures and measurable compliance
  • Implementing and maintaining a Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) communication structure
  • Visible and continued participation and involvement in all Safety, Health  and Environmental activities
  • Training personnel in matters pertaining to Safety, Health and Environment

Formacon complies with all regulatory requirements and have clear accountability, roles and responsibilities in order to:
• Identify hazardous conditions and rectifying such conditions and
• Prevent incidents and/or accidents in the workplace in all phases of project construction work

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Already have an idea for a new building in 2020? That dream can become a reality with Formacon – your formwork specialists.

Formacon believes that no building plan is too big or too small to execute and our clients are our first priority. And with our Award - winning team, Formacon is rapidly becoming a leader in the formwork industry.

We supply and erect all types of formwork and where necessary, we manufacture specialized formwork i.e. domed slabs, curved wall shutters etc.

Why choose Formacon?

Partnering with an experienced, trusted and reliable formwork contractor like Formacon, who specialises in the field of formwork, not only eliminates the possibilities of delays on a contract but will ensure the contract is completed according to the highest standards.

Formwork is one of the most important aspects during any construction project. What can you expect from a formwork company like Formacon?

  • High quality products that exceed the expectations of all our clients and stakeholders.
  • Practising of good Corporate Governance with emphasis on transparency, hard work and strict adherence to ethical and non-corrupt business practises.
  • Adherence to a strict regime of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental issues on all construction sites.
  • Continuous investment of resources towards attainment and maintenance of a genuine Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment policy in line with the principals of the construction industry Transformation Charter.
  • Upliftment of lives of the underprivileged in our country through our Social Responsibility Programmes in our communities, towns and cities.

Formacon has their own Engineer and Design team to ensure that the correct material is specified within the formwork design to ensure cost-effectiveness and safety. The company’s success can be attributed to an exceptional and dedicated team that delivers a high - quality product on time, every time. 

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The Formacon Team

Finding a formwork construction company that is willing to walk the extra mile for every client is not a hard job. Trust Formacon to do the hard work for you.

At Formacon, a formwork construction company situated in Pretoria, we supply and erect all types of formwork and where necessary, we manufacture specialised formwork i.e. domed slabs, curved wall shutters etc. 

We manufacture specialized column and wall shutters using walers, timber beams and film-faced decking board. Formacon takes pride in being able to deliver quality concrete work through drawing on our vast experience in the industry and we aim to be the formwork construction company of choice in Gauteng.

If you are seeking a formwork construction company who provides quality concrete formwork, please contact Formacon and we will gladly assist you with all your concrete construction requirements.


A Site Manager, or Foreman, occupies the top superior tier within a construction company. A foreman is a construction worker with many years of experience within the construction industry and has the authority of organizing and managing the overall construction project. A foreman is required to have knowledge of the trade and industry as well as all adequate skills in order to manage the job site.

The foreman assigns duties and is responsible for monitoring the progress of a construction project and keeping it on track from a time and budgetary standpoint. He must ensure workers are qualified and knowledgeable about their roles and make assignments according to skill sets.

What makes a good foreman successful in the construction industry?

  • Ability to organise – Organisational skills plays a crucial part in the planning, attention to detail and precision. A successful foreman will equip his team with the needed tools in order to keep the construction project on track and provide the necessary training at all times should it be required.
  • Willingness to address issues (Such as setbacks, crew problems or delays) – There is no construction project that doesn’t run into a few bumps in the road and it’s the responsibility of the foreman to address these issues, find a solution and get this construction project back on track. Communication is construction is extremely important to resolve any issues before it has an impact on the project at hand. Therefore the foreman has an important job resolving these issues efficiently.
  • Passion for construction – Having a foreman without passion for his job, is looking for disaster even before the project is to start. A foreman without a passion for his job means that no pride will be taken upon the completion of the project. A good foreman is said to be one of the key aspects within a construction company, at Formacon Construction Company based in Pretoria we only hire the best Foreman for the job!
  • Strong rapport with the crew – Have you ever heard the saying, “People work for people, not companies”? In the construction industry, this statement could not be any truer. Each foreman manages their own team and their ability to bond and work together with the crew, is essential for the success of the project. A successful foreman will get to know their crews, work alongside them and communicate effectively to keep the crew’s energy and motivation for the project at a high level.

Foreman takes pride in displaying their hard work, their name and putting their stamp on a project. This is what you should be looking for in a foreman. Formacon takes deep pride in all the foreman we use for each project. Teamwork gets the job done right the first time.

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In the construction industry, there are plenty of contractors and subcontractors all over South Africa. Many formwork contractors and subcontractors might just be starting off in the construction industry, not always having the necessary experience for the job at hand.

Partnering with an experienced, trusted and reliable formwork contractor like Formacon, who specializes in the field of formwork, not only eliminates the possibility of delays on a contract but will ensure the contract is completed according to high standards.

Safety, Health & Environmental issues also come into the spotlight when selecting the correct formwork contractor. If Safety, Health & Environmental regulations are not adhered to, it can lead to formwork failure, injury, loss of life and major delays on the contract. Formacon has a dedicated SHE-Team that oversees all aspects of SHE regulations on and off-site.

At Formacon we have our own Engineer and design team. They ensure that the correct material is specified within the formwork design to ensure cost-effectiveness & safety.

Our Material handling & maintenance teams ensure that the formwork material is inspected, cleaned and refurbished if required to ensure that the material adheres to standards. This also prolongs the lifetime of the formwork material. The maintenance of formwork structures is just as important as the erection of the structures for optimal quality and safety ensuring a quality service and product is delivered every time.

Formacon has its own vehicle fleet ensuring that material reaches the site in time and is again cleared away after completion.

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