A Site Manager, or Foreman, occupies the top superior tier within a construction company. A foreman is a construction worker with many years of experience within a specific trade or skill and has the authority of organizing and managing the overall construction project. A foreman is required to have knowledge of the trade and industry as well as all adequate skills in order to manage the job site, they are responsible for providing the correct documentation regarding the construction process.

It is a foreman's duty to prioritize the workload that has to be done, they also have to verify whether or not the number of staff working on a project is needed or can be decreased or increased. A foreman needs to be able to alter the schedule in order to accommodate any errors or problems that might have occurred.

A good foreman is said to be one of the key aspects within a construction company, at Formacon Construction Company based in Pretoria we only hire the best Foreman for the job!

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