Who is Formacon?

Formacon Construction is one of the leading construction companies in Pretoria and takes pride in every Construction project and Formwork Services, delivering our very best! Very few Construction Companies In Pretoria manufacture their own formwork. We manufacture column and wall shutters with our walers, timber beam and resin face shutterply. We also manufacture special formwork i.e domed slabs, curved wall shutters, bumper walls etc. Construction involves planning, design, and financing and continues until a building is ready for occupants to reside in them. 

Formacon was established in 2004 by Mr Marius Schoeman. We pride ourselves in being one of the leaders in the provision of specialized Formwork in the construction industry. We assist you in the building and the construction of your commercial or residential building from the architectural design, quantity surveying, the erection of the formwork and making sure your vision for your building becomes a reality.  

What to expect from a formwork company like Formacon:

  • High quality products that exceed the expectations of all our clients and stakeholders
  • Practising of good Corporate Governance with the emphasis on transparency, hard work and strict adherence to ethical and non-corrupt business practices.
  • Adherence to a strict regime of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental issues on all construction sites.
  • Continuous investment of resources towards the attainment and maintenance of a genuine Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment policy in line with the principals of the Construction Industry Transformation Charter.
  • Upliftment of the lives of the underprivileged in our country through our Social Responsibility Programmes in our communities, towns and cities.

Our success can be attributed to the following:
• An exceptional and dedicated team
• High-quality formwork material
• Our task-oriented approach & quality assurance

When choosing the correct formwork company for the job at hand, there are several aspects to keep in mind. The most over-looked aspects are reliability, quality, transparency, professionalism and the reputation of the company.  

At Formacon, you can trust that we are reliable and trustworthy with professional staff that adheres to the health and safety regulations at all times.

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