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Formacon was Established in 2004. Formacon is one of the market leaders in the provision of specialised formwork in the construction industry and operates in Gauteng and surrounding areas such as Mpumalanga, North West and Limpopo and KZN. From stable beginnings, the company has seen rapid growth over the years to become one of the preferred companies in the supply and erect market.

Our Vision at formacon:

Our Vision is to be the company of choice in the construction industry specialising in the supply and fix of all types of formwork to a select client base. Our vision ultimately is to specialise in smooth formwork and expand to cater for all regions of South Africa and Southern Africa.

Formacon Purpose and Mission:

We see ourselves as being duty bound to make a meaningful contribution to the growth of the construction industry in South Africa and Southern Africa through the following modes of business practice

Delivering a quality product that exceeds the expectations of all our clients and stakeholders.

Practising of Good Corporate Governance with emphasis on transparency, integrity, hard work and strict adherence to ethical and non-corrupt business practices as enshrined in the Unashamedly Ethical campaign to which we have signed off and committed ourselves.

Adhering to a strict regime of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental issues on all our construction sites

A rigorous recruitment policy, continual training and competitive compensation of all our human resources whom we value greatly.

Continuous investment of resources towards the attainment and maintenance of a genuine Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment policy in line with the principles of The Construction Industry Transformation Charter Upliftment of the lives of the underprivileged in our country through our Social Responsibility Programmes in our communities, towns and cities.

Formacon strives to deliver expert formwork solutions.

Formacon is a Concrete Formwork Construction company in Pretoria, specializing in the following Construction Services:

  1. Concrete Formwork Supply
  2. Formwork Erection
  3. Supplier of Formwork
  4. Formwork Erection Supervision and Inspection/li>

Formacon focus on 3 main aspects that will ensure the success of their projects

  1. Safety
  2. Quality
  3. Program

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formacon construction formwork

Formacon is a Concrete Formwork Construction Company within Pretoria, and specializes in numerous Construction Services, including but not limited to the following:

Formacon strives to deliver expert and professional formwork solutions. 

  • Concrete Formwork Supply
  • Formwork Erection
  • Supplier of Formwork
  • Formwork Erection Supervision and Inspection

Formacon focuses on three important main aspects that will ensure the success of their projects:

  1. Safety
  2. Quality
  3. Program

Formacon strives to deliver expert and professional formwork solutions. 

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At Formacon Construction we see ourselves a quality, trained, professional Construction Company Pretoria, where we are bound to making a meaningful contribution to the growth of the construction industry in South Africa.

By delivering a high-quality product that exceeds all expectations of our clients and our stakeholders, Formacon is able to emphasize integrity, loyalty and hard work.

Formacon practices Good Corporate Governance, which in returns emphasizes transparency and strict adherence to ethical and anti-corruption business practices. Formacon uplifts the lives of the underprivileged community members in our country, through Social Responsibility Programmes in our towns and cities.

Contact Formacon, construction company Pretoria, in Gauteng directly on 012 803 8509.

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A Site Manager, or Foreman, occupies the top superior tier within a construction company. A foreman is a construction worker with many years of experience within a specific trade or skill and has the authority of organizing and managing the overall construction project. A foreman is required to have knowledge of the trade and industry as well as all adequate skills in order to manage the job site, they are responsible for providing the correct documentation regarding the construction process.

It is a foreman's duty to prioritize the workload that has to be done, they also have to verify whether or not the number of staff working on a project is needed or can be decreased or increased. A foreman needs to be able to alter the schedule in order to accommodate any errors or problems that might have occurred.

A good foreman is said to be one of the key aspects within a construction company, at Formacon Construction Company based in Pretoria we only hire the best Foreman for the job!

Formacon is a construction company based in Pretoria. For more information contact Formacon on 012 803 8509

Both of those formwork in formwork erection and scaffolding is undoubtedly used in the development industry, however for exceptional and detailed factors.

Unlike scaffolding, formwork may also be permanent or temp mouldings used to aid wet concrete except it is sufficient to help its own weight. In a nutshell, formwork is required for concrete constructions reminiscent of columns, walls and concrete slabs, the place as scaffolding is used for access around a constructing.

Formacon is a formwork supplier based in Pretoria. For more information regarding formwork erection in your construction company contact formacon on 012 803 8509

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