Eco-friendly construction amongst construction companies in Pretoria is not the biggest priority.

With growing construction companies in Pretoria and growing construction industry, it has become fairly difficult for the smaller construction companies to gain a fair market share.

Some amongst other things which will affect your portion of the market will be company ethics and values.

Some amongst other values you may want to put forward with your company image is supplying “Green” building and construction services. Of course one may ask what costs this would have for an upcoming building contractor?

It’s a big investment but the returns are tremendous. The building constructed in a “Green building and construction company” are eco-friendly and are deemed to be a cheaper option.

Build a brand for your business and go green today

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Foundation formworks can be designed in various ways. Basically, there is a difference between formwork for individual foundations, normally designed as socket foundations, and formwork for strip foundations. The type of design is dictated by the size, mainly by the height of the foundation formwork.

The formwork for individual foundations is similar to column formwork and the formwork for strip foundations is similar to the formwork.

Normally formwork construction company use sheeting panels with formwork bearers in the form of walers are used for foundation formwork. Individual foundations are also secured by means of walers but of rim type.

Bracing is by squared and round timbers as well as boards diagonally arranged. Tie wires, as well as metal screws, are used as formwork ties.

Formacon is a formwork construction company in Pretoria

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Occupational health and safety regulations have been put in place to protect the health and safety of construction and mine workers in their respective industries.

They are now apart of every construction company in Pretoria as they are part of legal safety compliance.

In Summary, some of the requirements for a safe working environment in these industries include.

1) every employer should provide a working environment that is safe with minimal risks
2) Regular maintenance of plant and machinery to ensure the safety of workers and minimal risks
3) Taking the necessary steps in each task to ensure safety for employees
4) Providing information and training to employees in order for them to be aware of possible hazards
5) supplying employees with safety gear

Formacon is a construction company in Pretoria that believes in the Health and safety of all Employees.

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As professional Concrete Formwork Contractors, we pride ourselves in making a meaningful contribution to the growth of the Construction Industry in the South by constantly employing construction workers and assisting in the reduction of unemployment.

Our main mission, as a Formwork Construction Company is to deliver a quality product that exceeds the expectations of all our clients and stakeholders.

We practice good corporate governance with an emphasis on transparency, integrity, hard work and strict adherence to ethical and non-corrupt business practices as enshrined in the unashamedly ethical campaign to which we have signed off and committed ourselves.

If you are looking to join a Formwork Construction Company in Pretoria, contact us on 012 940 8154!

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